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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Top Five Superfoods...

 Tea, ginger, salmon... all claim to be superfoods, and I'll be honest, before I wrote this post, I knew superfoods were obviously good for you, but I just didn't know exactly what they were! I am so glad I took the time to research them... I have fitted them into my diet and I feel great as a result!

What are Superfoods?

Simply put there is not one official definition of a 'superfood', but we say that they are anything that contain high levels of nutrients and have health benefits far beyond 'common foods'.

5. Tea

... four cups of tea per day will keep your heart healthy...

Ah... the Great British staple. Research has shown that four cups of this superfood, or super drink, per day, will keep your heart healthy. So not only will you be alert after your morning cuppa, you will be safe in the knowledge that your ticker is in great shape too! As if that wasn't good enough, tea can help to prevent the hardening of your arteries.

4. Ginger
The medical benefits of ginger are well known. It can help to prevent bowel cancer and.... shhh... whisper it, can take away hangover sickness... result!

3. Blueberries
Not only do these guys taste absolutely delicious, they are off the scale for your health as well. Packed with flavonoids and proanthocyandins, they can help our memory and aid our cognition. They can also help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. I have combined blueberries with superfood number 2 to create my perfect breakfast!

2. Oats

...they taste AMAZING, especially on those winter mornings...

I'll be honest, I did NOT  like the look of oats mixed with blueberries, but thank god my wife made me try them. I am running further, I am no longer chained to my mid morning sugar fix plus I feel great! Oats have a low glycaemic index, which mean they are the perfect way to kick start your busy day. Not only that, they are heart healthy and reduce cholesterol. The best thing for me though, is that they taste amazing, especially on those freezing winter mornings!

1. Salmon

We simply do not eat enough fish. Two portions of salmon per week can help to reduce heart risks and lessen inflammation in the body. What is not to like?! Due to its high levels of vitamin D, it can even improve our mood. I'm ordering mine as we speak!

Yes it can be a wrench on our pockets and routines, but I was an objector too once. Then something changed and I tried them. I have never looked back... join in... you won't regret it. 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

So you want to start running...

I can't count the amount of times people have either said- you're mad running all the time, or, I wish I could just run, but it hurts soooooo much! My stock answer is, I might be a little mad, but believe it or not, I actually ENJOY running! Why else would I do it? The answer to the second statement is, yes, it hurts a little at first, but stick with it and you won't regret it!

These top tipwill help getting into running that bit easier!

1). Little and Often. I remember the days when I was a little fat pudding. Having been fit at school, I decided enough was enough. I strapped my trainers on, drew a line under my old ways, and headed out into the freezing cold night. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. I was determined to do this properly, so at first I simply went round the block. I hadn't gone far, but the feeling of achievement was incredible. The next day I went slightly further, then slightly further again. Sure enough, with a gradual build up, the weight fell off, and soon enough, I found myself at the start line of the 2005 Sheffield Half Marathon.


2). Get The Right Apparel. The reason for this point is two fold. Firstly, you want to look the part, and these days you can buy the full apparel for next to nothing from your local sports superstore. Secondly, you want to take this seriously, and getting the correct kit will get you into the right mindset- after all you are far less likely to give in if you have spent your hard earned money on running kit!

3). Appreciate that the First Few Runs WILL hurt! There is no getting away from this fact- but BE TOUGH- it will not last forever. At the end of my first run I came back with all manner of disgusting liquids pouring from my nose, my legs were aching and my lungs were screaming! However, after the first few runs you really will notice a difference in your fitness and tolerance of pain. After a fortnight of regular running you will be able to run and be in control of your breathing, and your muscles will finally accept that there is no getting away from this new lifestyle!


4). Find a Running Friend Who is Better Than You. After a few weeks, you will be running a reasonable distance without too much pain, and you may have noticed a change in body shape. To gain a foothold to the next level, find a friend who runs (there are plenty about!). Runners tend to be very accommodating people and will probably jump at the chance for some company. Their higher training capability will drag you up to the next level; plus they will invariably offer valuable training advice, and they will be as into running as you are, so you will both be 'like-minded'. 


5). Enter A ParkRun. After approximately 6 weeks you will definitely notice a change in body shape and capability. If you are looking for the next challenge why not enter a race? The perfect starting point would be a ParkRun. These events are very inclusive, not too competitive, and best of all, they are free! If you go to parkrun.us (USA version), sign up, find your local race (loads across America every week!), print your bar code and race away!

Most importantly- have fun and enjoy running, because that's what it's all about! Remember, no matter how good somebody is, they have all had a 'first run', so get out there are enjoy it!


Friday, 20 January 2017

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Why YOU need a Fitbit in your Life!

You may have come across many different fitness wristbands- Garmin, Apple Watch, Nike, Jawbone... the list is endless. However, step forth the Fitbit Charge 2: the fitness wristband that has genuinely changed my life, and aided my healthy lifestyle choice, I am moving more, it has helped my weight loss and most importantly, it looks really cool.

I am simply not going to tell you the features the Charge 2 is capable of- that is what the video above is for- the guys at Fitbit marketing can do a much better job than I can! What I will tell you is how it has changed the way I live; the way I function.

Simply put, I am definitely moving more. You cannot put a price on seeing the sunrise whilst running in the park on a crisp winter's morning. I cannot describe how refreshed I feel walking in the cool breeze during my lunchbreak. Feeling the beads of moisture on my cheek as I triumphantly complete another mile is indescribable. This is where the Charge 2 comes in- I am doing so much more walking- a stroll at dinner, a post-tea-time walk with my wife, all form part of my daily quest to hit my 10,000 daily steps. I am leaner, stronger and most importantly, I am happier.

You cannot put a price on seeing the sunrise whilst running in the park on a crisp winter's morning...

The Fitbit Charge 2 can fulfill, if not outstrip, the facilities of most other fitness wristbands. When I am exercising, I can easily access my total climb, steps taken in the run, my time taken per mile, amount of calories burnt, distance covered... I mean need I go on!? Then very conveniently, the info generated, be it on your run, gym session, swim, weight session, daily activity, is uploaded when you sync the Fitbit to the tracking app on your phone. This allows you to compare progress over time, and identify any areas for improvement- or just make you feel good above yourself!

The features move far further than this but I will let you discover this for yourself as you begin your own healthy lifestyle change. The Fitbit will change your life, it will make you move more... if you work with it. The Fitbit Charge 2 is available from Amazon with prices starting from £149.99. Get ready to feel good!  

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Even better than Take-Away Burgers!

We all love burgers! As you sink your hungry teeth into the succulent meat, the juices and flavours run riot in your mouth! The relish and cheese only add sumptuous flavours. However, in the back of your mind, there will always be the nagging pain that these burgers are NOT  good for you! Well...

Fear not!!!

My burgers are not only tasty, but very healthy. The best of both worlds!

  • Lean beef mince- 250g will make 4 burgers.
  • Small white onion, finely diced.
  • 1 large egg.
  • 1 glove of garlic, very finely pressed.
  • A dash of Worcester Sauce.
  • Lettuce
  • One beef tomato
  • Salt and pepper
  • 4 bread buns
Optional extras:-
  • Cheese, sliced

-Place 250g of lean mince into a mixing bowl.
-Work with your fingers until the meat has broken up
-Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
-Finely dice a full white onion, and add to the beef mixture.
-Add 1 large, beaten egg to the mixture
-Add garlic and the Worcester Sauce
-Mix thoroughly
-After mixing, form burgers by hand, and place on grill
-Grill until cooked to your liking- time can vary due to thickness of burgers

-Add cooked burgers to bread buns and add sliced beef tomato and onions.
-Finally... ENJOY!

Can be served with home prepared chips or wedges, along with a succulent healthy salad.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to make the best onions you've NEVER tasted!

Onions are a great food with health benefits to match, however, well, they are a little unpalatable! Besides frying them, what can you really do with them?

Well, look no further...

You are about to read and see just exactly what you can do with onions to make them tasty and kind to your waistline.

  • 1 whole white onion
  • 1 table spoon of finely chopped mint
  • 1 table spoon of finely chopped coriander
  • 2 tea spoons of paprika
  • 1 tea spoon of sugar
  • 1 green chilli with seeds removed.
  • a dash of lemon juice

Chop the onion as finely as you can, and place in a serving bowl...

Mix the paprika and the sugar with the onions...

Finely chop the coriander and mint, then add to the mixture

De-seed the chilli, chop finely, then add to the mixture along with the lemon juice. Stir vigorously to provide the best onions you have never tasted!

The perfect accompaniment to poppadoms and any Indian dish!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Be Inefficient to be Effective

Being Inefficient to be Effective...

Save time here, kill two birds with one stone, two jobs at once, park in the best spot, don't waste time... 

Sound familiar?

Well, simply put, FORGET about those pieces of 'advice'. Sure we live in a best paced world, but this world is also one of heart disease, expanding waistlines, diabetes and obesity. We are constantly told to MOVE MORE! Yes, we all agree, but how do we do it in this fast paced world in which we call home? We drive everywhere, park in front of the TV all evening and fast food is so dangerously, well, fast... Yes we are all gym members, but do you actually go... really... thought not!

Never fear, Health, Fitness, Motivation are here to help. One of our mantras is.. Be Inefficient to be Effective... We appreciate that this flies in the face of modern living, but making small changes to your daily routine can and will produce MASSIVE  effects! The point is, how do we actually MOVE MORE when we live in such a pressurized world where time is of the essence? The answer is simple. The answer is be more INefficient.

Think about your daily routine... do you drive to work? Yes, well maybe if you work within a mile radius of your home, begin to walk to work- not everyday- you need to ease these changes in- a couple of times per week and increase as needs be. Remember though- take an umbrella- we cannot always rely on the British weather!

When you arrive at the office, do you take the stairs or the lift? The lift of course! Well hang on... taking the stairs counts for more steps and a nice little aerobic exercise to boot. Plus you can smugly laud it over your workmates knowing you haven't taken the easy way out!

Let's think about your lunch hour. What do you do exactly? Chat inanely about your weekend in that smelly staff-room? Remember that umbrella you brought to work? Well grab it by the handle, run down those stairs and take a 20-30 minute brisk walk instead of wasting your time idling the day away! A walk of about 20 minutes equates to approximately 1 to 1 and half miles or 3000 steps. The American Heart Association recommend us to hit 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy, well that would be almost a third of that requirement conquered!

Now let's say you go to the supermarket on the way home. You wrestle for the nearest space right? Wrong. That's what the old you would do. The new, energized you eases perfectly into the furthest space away, then walks purposefully to the entrance. You feel the inches practically fall away in the process. 

Now you're in your snug, luscious home, relaxing in front of the TV, basking in the glory of your increased step level for the day. You need a comfort break. You go for the downstairs bathroom right? That's right, now you're on our wavelength... you ALWAYS choose the upstairs! You should aims to climb at least 10 floors per day.